Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Andy Bhagwan and the (Un)Holy chain letter

Another classic from the rvinst mailing list. Here we see
Andy Bhagwan fighting the threat posed by a (supposedly) holy chain letter.
I've removed references to the offender who forwarded the chain letter.

Well well well...
Helloooo one and all..
It's you friendly neighbourhood trouble maker
again...Thought I shoulda broken the silence from this
side a long time back but didn't find the occasion.Now
I did so here goes
The internet as we all know is full of spammers.What
most people used to do was send multiple (An' I mean
1000's )of mails using automated sofware readily
available on the net just to clog up networks.But the
ISP's came up with techniques to "tar-pit" these rogue
IP addresses,slow them down so it takes weeks to send
their mails.So what do these guys do..Turn to the
hapless public to help them out.Everytime one of u
sends a chain letters u are acting on behalf of these
spammers whose sole aim is to slow networks down by
sending crap traffic into it cause in tech lingo u r a
pseudo spammer whose IP address has not been black
So , though Lord Ganesha is capable of miracles
I'm sure some sages in the Himalayas spending
centuries doing penance under some Bodhi trees will
beg to differ if ur telling them u can aheve instant
Nirvana by sending a few e mails.
Anyway Cheers to the concept of the IT savvy Indian
gods.I'm sure our people in the infy's and the tcs's
wouldn't mind..



Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Holidays, laziness and ..........

It is holiday time here. Kanth is writing hot greeting cards to the babes at his workplace. Spoke with Shaggy day before yesterday and all i could hear were a few moaning sounds. No more elobarations on these.

Ahhh.. I love holidays. Its the laziness that has always facinated me. I wish my whole life was a holiday. I could do nothing, achieve nothing, waste my time and still be proud of myself. Thats what i think of a holiday.

Alas.. Ppl here dont think so. They always ask me abt my plans during holidays. if i have to plan anything and try to achieve it, how can it be called a holiday? I tried explaining this to a few ppl here but was spruned. Huh wish they knew the worth of laziness.

Thinking of it, if newton and einstein were atleast a bit lazier, i woudnt have to do all this physics. Show me a person who is happy after learnig about the newton's laws/gravity. See.. thats why i have decided never to discover/invent or theorize anything.

I know i can write a lot on this topic.. but i am feeling sleepy.. guess 15hrs of sleep per day is not enough.. So long folks

Good night/morning/afternoon/whatever it is

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tips for survival in newfoundland!!

Ever wondered what is needed to survive in US? Wanna know the essentials before reaching here? Then you need to read this blog. Dont waste your time and money with consultants.They will never let you know "these" essential tips!!!

1.The first and foremost need in US is a girlfriend. Your life and status all depends on the girlfriend(s) you have. There is a ranking system involved here. A desi GF fetches you just 2 points as opposed to 3 for an amru(short for american) and 4 for european. (For a 5 you should be dating a hollywood star)

2. Car is the next important thing here. Otherwise how can u manage point 1????

3. Credit - Follows from 1 and 2.

4. The four letter word - very useful when GF deserts even with 2 and 3.

5. The five letter word(Sorry) very useful to get back to point 1.

6. Thank You - What you guys say when you read this blog!!!

You are welcome!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


She was so beautiful
that black trouser girl
with the grace of a swan
she filled my eyes full

The trees stopped to sway
the wind ceased to blow
The world came to a still
Ah.. she was so beautiful....

She smiled and waved
with a sparke in her eyes
at some guy across...( hopefully her bro)
Ah.. she was so beautiful....

I tried a sheepish smile
sitting 20 feet away
did she smile back??.. (i think she did)
Ah.. she was so beautiful....

Her lips parted with joy
I still dont know why
may be she looked at me
Ah.. she was so beautiful....

It was my last day at office
there lingered a sad feeling
But still she filled my eye
Ah... she was so beautiful....

P.S: I dont know her name but she was one of the most beautiful girls in TCS-Bangalore.