Friday, May 26, 2006

Hungry politicians problem

Manmohan Singh called a meeting. He was having a big problem. He had to distribute 1 pack of Parle-G biscuits among all his ministers. It was not so difficult if left to nature.. But the law mandated that 22% of the pack be given to reserved ministers. And more than that Arjun singh who hated Parle-G biscuits wanted another 27% reserved for OBC (Other Biscuit Consumers). There was a big confusion. The Biscuit commission had recently said that all these reservations in biscuits was foolishness. But if he agreed to the commission, what will become of the votes of all the votes belonging to reserved categories?? He consulted the Oracle of congress Sonia and came to these conclusions.

1. Everyone is equal before the law. Some are more equal because they have reservations.
2. Thus all sections of the ministers will get their biscuits.
3. This will be taken care by cramping more biscuits in single pack. The biscuits will be small and wet though.
4. There will be a enormous boom in the biscuit industry whill will help in the previous point.
5. There will be a oversight commission which will oversee how many biscuits can be cramped and how much bad smell due to wetness can be tolerated.

This is probably one solution. Do any of you folks have better solutions. Do let Dr.MM Singh know.

Monday, May 22, 2006

New Zealand anyone???

When I was young, I had seen a kannada movie *ing Jaggesh and Doddanna, which had even come in hindi with Shakti kapoor and Kader Khan, i guess its called "Baap numberi beta dus numberi". In that, these guys are shown selling off places like Taj Mahal, Vidhana soudha(in the kannada version) to some foreigners. At that time, it sounded funny but we knew thats impossible to happen in real life..well, it seems like we were wrong..such things do happen!!

This link was forwarded to me by a friend of mine. According to that, some guy was auctioning on eBay, and guess what the auction item was?? New Zealand!! It turned out that that guy was Australian, another example of Australia - New Zealand rivalry.

This is not the only crazy thing which has been auctioned on eBay, there are many other cases. Here are links to some of them..





and the top 10 strangest items sold on eBay - Top 10

Inspite of all these, how come eBay does not make any checking of what people are selling? Atleast in the cases mentioned above, the items were personal items, although strange, but new Zealand? that too by an Australian?? what will these guys do about it now? Is NZ government suing him? I dont think so. Is eBay suing him? Why should they? atleast they prevented the sale (as if it was gonna actually happen). So does this mean people are free to auction whatever they want? well, I wanna find out what happens if somebody auctions eBay itself!! I guess, after that, eBay will prevent any other strange bids happening...

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Protest through email.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


He stayed down, breathing.

People,all around. Bustling, like ants around a sweet. And he the sugar candy.
With his right eye, he saw his son rushing towards him.
He could feel the blood draining out of his chest-a hole right in his centre. A metal object embedded in him -like his heart.
He had trouble breathing. It was never so hard-like lifting a mountain.

Arms around him, lifted him up onto the couch. She was crying.
He smiled at her.

She stopped crying.

That was the only thing he could and would do.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More reservation!!

For sometime I have been growing my beard and thus have become a social outcast.Almost every person I meet looks at my beard and then decides my fate. Clean shaved people look down upon me like arjun singh and bhujbal watching the striking students. Let me illustrate.
Best example is of that gorgeous girl in garuda (mall) who refused to have a coffee with me because of my facial hair this missing an oppurtunity of raising a great lineage.
(I donno why gals hate facial hair. May be because they are jealous. Nyways thats off topic)

This was just the beggininig. The manager at a company I had an interview with, refused to grant me that VP position because of my beard.

The auto driver charged me double the amount saying I am disturbing him by scatching my beard often.

Because of all this, I have decided that bearded people should be given fair amount of oppurtunity to at all levels. Thus I seek about 70% reservation for people with beards and other type of facial hair.
(There should be a parliamentary committee to decide the sub categories in facial hair)
It has to be noted by the politicians that people with facial hair form majority of vote bank, provided Gillete is maintained as costly as it is now.

Now these are my demands,
1. Bearded people should have 70% seats reserved at all levels of education(yeah..even preschool).
2. 70% jobs in all industries
3. 70% of girls should be advised to marry/date only bearded girls. This should be called affirmative action.

All those who are in favour please call up arjun singh and give him this idea because he is still thinking of ideas for more reservation!!