Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Gone away,
you have.

No words,
you had for me then.
And did you even
me, as you left?

And from then,
till now and
all I will ever have
of you,
is a loss for a lifetime,
and a few precious memories
for eternity.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sharjah, Toronto, ...., Knoxville

Of Course, in between, there are many more neutral venues. If you still havent understood, these are venues which has hosted India-Pakistan cricket games! Dont be perplexed, the Indian and Pakistani national cricket team did not come to Knoxville or havent even heard about it. But the game was between the Indian and Pakistani students from UT, Knoxville. Still, its an India-Pakistan game!!
But what sets Knoxville apart was the venue for the game. The venue we chose, where we have been playing there in recent times, is a BiLo Shopping Center Parking Lot. Thanks to Food City which bought all Bilo outlets, but hasnt opened their shop there, as a result, there is this huge Parking lot, 80% empty, and is our new cricket ground!!

The game was held last week, and both the teams arrived. There was a slight imbalance in the teams. The Indian team, also the hosts, had 23 guys, while the Pakistani team, a group of undergrads who have come here on a 6 week exchange program all the way from Pakistan, had 9 guys and remaining around 14 girls (babes, rather), so the final team had 2 girls in their side (who did a fairly decent job in the field, considering they were playing cricket for the first time, one of them even scored a run!). The guys were better, but still they were no match to our Indian guys and we beat them comprehensively, though a few of them gave a fight. We scored around 135 from the quota of 15 overs while they managed some 80 odd runs. The atmosphere was electric with all the chicks cheering and singing songs from the pavilion while we enjoyed them! In the end, it was an evening of fun and friendship and some kick-ass time!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Do Something to help the RTI Act

I dont know if online petitions/letters work. I hope that they do. And I would like to give it a chance to work.

Sign this petition at IBNLive

Read this post at MixedBag for more info.

Please sign!


Saturday, August 12, 2006


Being a good Samaritan, he was happy that he could help out in his cousin's marriage. It was another fact that he did some menial jobs like transporting the grocery items, looking after some strange locked room, picking up the Vaadyar [The priest] and making thorough fun of his cousin. But it felt good. As a result, on the day of reception, he was able to concentrate on his favorite hobby - Looking at the chicks in the marriage hall. They came in so many colors and shapes. Basking in the glitters of their lip gloss, he never imagined that he was being closely observed by a dangerous enemy. An aunt.. Yup you read that right.. Not an "ant" its quite harmless anyways and it skips marriages.. I said "AUNT" or "Aunty" or also "Mami" in some languages. Devil has so many names and so does the aunt.

Aunt Brinda was closely observing him like a mother hawk seeking prey for its children. Yes she was searching for a "good" groom for her daughter. She was angry with her husband though. Hiding behind the kitchen door, probably eating some jalebi thinking that she doesn't know.. Ha.. Husbands.. She thought..Not caring about getting his daughter married.. Also made a point to starve him of sugar for next few days.. They deserved punishment..

Meanwhile the subject in observance was falling to the "zone". Aunt B came to know that he was a MS degree holder. Still he showed most traits of an innocent desi. He spoke respectfully to elders and the priest, silently did all the work any aunty gave him and also showed qualities of eating less. Ideal groom, as when it came to cooking, her daughter was lazy as a waterelephant after a heavy meal. She made a mental note to speak to her sister and findout more about him before attacking.

The subject never realized the approaching predator. He was happy looking at a cute girl serving rasna. He began wondering why all cute gals serve rasna. May be rasna implies female sexualality. Though not coincidental, it so happened that the gal was the daughter of Vrinda. He wouldn't have touched the rasna glass with a 20 foot pole had he known about the conspiracy. He felt he saw some weird expression like the emotions of a child after seeing the icecream truck in summer. He did mistake it for attraction though and fell for her instantly. The prey was in the hands now.

Everything else moved very fast next. He got engaged the month after and now thinks that he should have been more careful on that day. He should have been rude and should have hogged like a pig. The past can never be changed. Suddenly he remembered that he hadn't picked up the groceries to aunt B's place. He sighed.. His mistake became his weekly job afterall..