Wednesday, September 27, 2006


New post on my blog about our Florida trip, even Nidhi was there..Take a look here:
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Saturday, September 09, 2006


"Maga !! I am confused" yelled Jerry through the phone(For clarification, Jerry is a friend of mine, a fellow bangalorean in US)

It was a freaking 11 am on a Saturday and I was sleepy. I was in no mood to solve the world's problems.

"f%$K U A$$!@!# Why do u have to call so early??" Being a good friend, I was more than courteous.

But he too being a good friend had made up his mind to ignore my blessings and put forward his question.

" Maga what does a girl mean when she says she has a headache?? "

I did a small leap from my bed like that monkey on national geographic does when it sees a camera.

"What??? Who is this girl?"
I was worried more about Jerry getting a girl before me than his/her headaches..

" This is one of my friends whom I am trying to have a serious relationship dude, Like marriage and all that shit"

Now I sensed the seriousness of the situation. Though a guy has every damn right to burn when a close friend gets a girl, it is an unwritten law that he shall help his friend to stay in the relationship as long as possible. Eventhough that friend is a complete moron.

"Dude, she is having a continous stream of headaches. In last four days, she has had headache 10 times. Most of the times when I am around.. When I told her to take aspirin or something, she shouted at the top of her lungs to get lost. I am seriously confused!!"

This was serious alright.. Knowing Jerry, I was confident that he was not joking.. He isn't capable anyways..
Still it was ironic that he asked me the question. Though I am a Doctor, I am a PhD student in Hrydaulics rather than MBBS. But Jerry didn't care about finer details..

" Maga there are lot of reasons why girls get headaches. Though there are more complex reasons, here are few common ones that I have noticed.." I said,

"1. She wanted to take your credit card for shopping but you didn't agree

2. Her friend has a headache
3. She is probably bored of having you around
4. She saw a pic of another girl on ur comp

and ....lot more. You need to understand the incidents of last few days before you can come to a conclusion"

" Those dames , trying to manipulate us guys by headaches and what not!! I hope that those pharma buggers find a cure for these headaches sometime"
Jerry gave his usual irritated comment..
" Now I have to run maga.. She has asked me to get her a gold chain for her birthday.. I cant take another bout of headache tonight.. byee" and cut the call

One more enlightned soul.. I Sighed and got back to the bed to sleep till 5..

[Inspired by Ally character of and kennedy's blog]