Thursday, April 14, 2005

Excellent post!

Hey all,
This post- I picked it up (couldnt resist it!!) from our senior Gowri's blog: (Heck! after the amount of notes, records, textbooks that we begged, loaned and forgot to return ;o) from our seniors, this was a breeze!) This aptly describes our 4 years in college!

Thinking of College…….
Cows and Bulls, Hangman, Listen intermittently, Giggle, Nod when you meet the lecturer’s gaze.

Data sheets – the only thing that costs 25 ps a piece and still no one buys them.
PK supervises connection: “This wire will goes to here aa?”
Copy graphs; also the Aim, Apparatus, Theory, Procedure and Result! And….Inference!

Mass bunk:
Indefinite suspension. Enter HOD’s room. Get blasted for an hour. Blame lecturers. Classes resume.

Two days before internals:
Ask for important questions.

Day before internals:
Beg for important questions. PK gives seven. Shamelessly ask for the most important five.

Blue books – sometimes empty, sometimes full. (Before the test I mean!)

First year: Study a week before internals.
Second year: A day before internals.
Third year: During the interval between two internals.
Fourth year: Study? What study?

Three types of people: Those who copy. Those who help others copy. Those who sit in the first bench and do not participate in such activities.

Internal Results:
One whole period wonderfully spent. Bargain for marks. Complete chaos.

Study Holidays:
Krishna Xerox: Bump into school mates you didn’t want to meet.
“I heard the exams are getting postponed”. “Who told you?” “No one, I just heard”!!!!
Exams are on schedule. Mug, mug, mug. I mean “mugs” of coffee!

Day of the exam:
Cram in the bus stop, in the bus, on the walk to the department, outside the exam hall.
“Please check your pockets desks and other places (!!). If you are found to have chits, you will be debarred for three years only” Three years ONLY??

Semester Holidays:
One week breather between semesters.

Pass. Fail. Revaluation.

Yet another semester……..

Thursday, April 07, 2005

I just saw Nidhi's post on the blog and was so glad, that finally, after such a long time, somebody actually has spent some time, blogging. Hallelujah! But I guess, from my comment, you could gauge my disappointment on seeing something that I already saw this morn! And that too from Nidhi, who is always churning out "interesting" stuff!;O)
Sob!! Hehehe- cant help doing that, I love exaggerating stuff!
Btw , Ambar, what's happening to you? TCS taking too much of your time ;o)? Never see you online these days. You havent updated your blog for ages. Got bored of it? Passing fad, huh?
The weather is heavenly at this time, and I'll quit right now before the weather gets to me and I start doling out crap here. Take care, ppl and keep the faith!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Friday Rain

As always on a friday, he started late from the office. Having left at arount 8:00 from the office, it was nearly 8:30 when he reached the ring road junction. Then it started raining. Not willing to get wet, he stopped at the nearby closed shop and stood. The traffic on the road was thin due to rain. He was feeling bored to stand there alone in rain when a beautiful girl in a red chudidar came up to the shop to take shelter. She may have been around 21-23. She was wearing a traditional chudidar with zari borders at the edges enhancing her beauty. She wore a traditional bindi with a small dot on her left cheek and was sporting a long hair with a yellow rose adorning it. By far she was looking like a godess to him. he wanted to speak to her and ask her name but words failed him. As his lucky stars would have it, it started to rain more heavily.

The rain brought more confidence in him and a better sense of urgency. He politely asked her for the time. She gave a smiling look at his ticking watch and told the time. She must have told the time to hundreds of such guys with their watces working perfectly. But he was elated. With the confidence of a s/w engineer, he introduced himself along with his company name. She just told her name and gave that charming smile. This was all he needed. He decided to offer her a drop till her house( or whereever she wanted o go!!)everything!!!. As he was thinking this, the girl took a call on her cellphone and took the call. Minutes later came a Ford ikon from which a guy got down and spoke to the girl in a humble voice. She introduced to our protogonist her boyfriend and would-be and gave him the marriage invitation.

And it suddenly stopped raining....