Thursday, May 31, 2007

random mumblings heard in class....

wanted to build a story using all these, but lost steam after a while, so scrapped it..but remember hearing these somewhere?
  • USSR - United States of Soviet Russia
  • USA and Russia are now separe and not called USSR anymore.
  • Japani satellites
  • NASA - National American Space Agency
  • PCB was my bread and jam.
  • If u use that small torch(LASER), only small spot will be focused on small spot.
  • Staying hostel a?
  • Laser can be used to weld cutted vessels.
  • Modeling for toothpaste ad a?
  • In the last class, we’ll see that…
  • You are in serious discussion abt national security matters a?
  • Sine wave varies sinusoidally. how the cos wave will cosine? sinusiodally or cosusoidally?
  • If u start singing antakshari, other publics will scold u.
  • Joining together is called a sandwich.
  • He got Nobel award.
  • Who invented wave theory?
  • Sitting according 2 vaastu a?
  • Earlier message transfer was by birds. In kings’method, they used kabutar.
  • If u give a analog like this…
  • What *name removed*, only half-rising a?
  • What happened? Any snakes?cockroach a? then what r u laughing 4?

howzzat? wanna hear again?

Do u think I am a tape-recorder a to repeat? ;)

If you still dont get what I heck I am talking abt..forget it!
If you understood and have more of this stuff, please mail it to the groups! We've lost it! :(

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday, May 05, 2007

My heart will have her smile written in pencil

*This happened a long time back and it is a true story. You have the freedom to trust it or otherwise*

It was my third grade(Third standard as we say in india), the first week of school and as usual I was dejected. But this year, there was a new sensation in the small town (shimoga) I studied - "pen-pencils". (For those uninitiated, pen-pencils are the crude front loading mechanical pencils.)

That year, I had begged my mother to buy me one of those cool pencils. As a result, on the second day of the school, I was a proud owner of one red-black pen-pencil. A tap at its back pushed the lead inside the equipment to eject the lead at incredible speed directly towards classmate's eyes but that was the manageable part. After 15 minutes of using it, I was stumped by my first technical hurdle. In my enthusiasm, I had never found out how to sharpen it. And it never came with a manual either. My manly ego avoided me asking any of my friends. The result was that I stood at the corner trying to figure out a way out of this complication. And then she came.

Either she might have seen my confusion or she was in love with me, I cannot say. But she looked at me in my eyes and understood everything. And voila, she had a blue colored pencil of the same make. She silently took the pencil and showed me the back part of the pencil which contained the metal sharpener. Her cute red fingers rotated the metal sharpener making the lead as sharp as her smile which was by the way, piercing my heart. The environment was simply electric. The song "Nee bandu nintaaga" was playing in my mind. The result was a sharpened pencil, damaged heart and my inability to learn the skill of sharpening a pencil that day.

Till this day, I remember her beautiful face and that enchanting smile.

*I dont remember her name. School was Rotary east school, Shimoga*

This song is dedicated to her

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


There were two teams with 6 in each team. One person held a ball made of used cloth, standing behind a line while facing a miniature pyramid shaped arrangements of stones. His first throw was wayward. But in his second throw, he managed to disrupt the careful arrangement of the stones. The game had begun.

This was our routine game during chilly winters in Shimoga, heart of malnad. Without much thinking, we had established a season for each game we used to play. Cricket was normally during the scorching summers. This was because there was very little effort was needed in playing. Rainy season always meant only one game game - Football ( Yeah..Yeah .. It is soccer too ). Believe me, there is nothing more fun than playing football in rain and mud. Any football fan will vouch for that. Our seasons were also influenced by international sporting events. Wimbledon season meant hand-tennis(TM). It was tennis in all ways except the absence of tennis rackets, the likes of Sharapova and a smaller court to compensate for hand-power(TM). Winter demanded much more improvisation and activity. The december weather, with clear skies were perfect to break some backs. So the 5pm consensus was always Lagori.

As with most of the rural games in India, Lagori doesn't need any sophisticated equipment. That never meant that it wasn't fun either. Here is a version of that game we played.

1. Make two teams of equal number on each team. Get hold of a rubber ball (For maximum pain factor) or make one using cloths rolled around a stone.
2. Have a toss (coin or yes-no on a hand with stone) and decide between the playing and defending teams.
3. Arrange a pile of flat stones in the form of a pyramid.
This will be normally done by the defending team to ensure that structure is resistant to casual hits by a ball. (Prerequisite: Civil engineering 101)
4. One of the players from the playing team will take an aim at the structure from a predefined distance. He has 3 chances to hit it. If he can't, another person from the same team will try his hand. If no one can hit the pile, then the team is said to be out and has to defend .
5. Once the pile is disturbed by the ball, the playing team has to redo the pile while dodging the ball thrown at them by the defending team. This is not easy because of a keeper(!!) standing near the pile, defending it from wannabe civil engineers.
6.If the ball hits any of the playing team, then they would be out and the defending team gets the chance to play.
7.If the playing team manages to reconstruct the pile without getting hit, then they score and will get another chance as the playing team.

At the end of the day, Lagori was a game of simple rules, hurt backs(courtesy of considerate defenders) and awesome fun.

P.S: I was unable to get any pictures of lagori but here is a site which has.
I will be grateful if someone can provide me pictures of lagori (with relevant permissions).