Thursday, September 30, 2004


hey people,
heard about this blog site some time back and just checked it out. gr8 job hedge!
me taking a break from reading an Ieee paper by some "give up level" chinki with zero language skills :)
well more about chinkis later, gotta run now ...

ciao and remember " stay cool and keep the faith"

Back again...

Hey all...
Lots of posts again..Its really refreshing (& 100% yentertainment macha!!) Really good work, folks!
Wokay, so now where's the rest of the class..If the whole of the class was working in Infy which has no net access, for most of the time unless u get lucky like vikas did, the silence would be understandable..But unfortunately, at least 50% of the class has net access and can afford to spend some time on the blog.
Its really surprising that so fewwwwwwwwwww people are blogging..
Well, I was just going through some of the earlier blogs and read ambar's comment on it about crosswords, and did it bring some good memories! that was plain good fun! So do any ppl still find the time to do them? Or have your busy lives left you no time for such simple pleasures?
So do such simple pleasures count or is it the busy lives that matter, eh? What do u ppl think? Anything to say (or is it such a corny line, that it deserves no comment, whatsoever?)?

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Another set of slangs (if u guys are still not bored with the last blog;)

Chapter II

The last chapter was about slangs for adressing ppl.
This chapter deals mainly about nouns/adjectives. ( BTW did u guys know thet "noun" is also a slang - a bad one in that? think abt that )

1.Kudumi - Bookworm
2.Tuppa - Very easy to grasp - like our DSP LAB ?? ;)
3.Mileage - Scope got by a new act in friend circle
4.Buggu - Dont show off as a smart-ass ( I am not sure on this one yet)Eg: 100 rupai salana - yenu bagthiya??
5.Dagaar/halfset/keepu/petromax - Words created by great slang gurus "Jaggesh" and "Kashinath". Means mistress(though some ppl prefer to call them with a four letter word )
6.Heat - Fully equipped with harmones Eg: Huduga heatge bandavne, enaadru vyavasthe maadbeku
7.Piece - What "Heat-ge bandavaru" look for in MG and Brigade roads
8.Dove - Temporary love
9.Nimmajji - One abuse !!!!!
10.Peerithi - Superficial love - Used to impress piece - inappropriate with Dagaar

to be continued.......

The Great Mooddy Bluff Trick.

Scene: Kodaikanal hotel. Day 2 Around 2.00AM in Muddy, Shaggy, Roshan & Kesthur's Room
Ambar is sitting right next to Muddy the Maniac (For Bluff Only. I am crazy about that game. The longer i dont play it the more desperate I get). Assole Vijay is sitting next to me,Maacki to his right. Sandeep Somewhere after Ambar. The other players are shaggy, Vijay (Choot)....

Ambar the Idiot was lifting all my cards in Bluff card game No 11. This Pissed me off. I decide to teach ambar the EB a lesson in bluff. I won a particular round & i decided to put the number 8. When I was about to put it Ambar saw the card in my hand & gave his screwball Grin. This Pissed me off . I took the 3 cards. Randomly Shuffled it 6 times & took out the top 3 cards & said " Three eight's"
Sandy Noticed it first & started Laughing. By then everyone realized what i had done & started Cajoling Ambar to lift my cards.
Ambar lifts the cards.
Wonder of wonders " Its The Same Fucking 3 Eights"
Everyone explodes into peels of laughter & Ambar doesnt know what to do. After that ambar shut his trap & stopped lifting my cards.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Shaggy the thing is ,always there are two sets of ppl-one who drinks and one who watches…..v were standing outside, watching u guys just pepping out and then getting in, with of course the very concerned anthill just getting a bit bothered abt u ppl……but as u know there are two sides for every coin…I have given an external view and u will b the right person to tell vat fun u had inside………..(if at all u can share it)


The Kodai trip

Good to hear about that fantastic trip!

But i just have a small doubt. Karthik, where were u when the "teertha" was being taken. i don't remember u being there at all, unless i had a taken a LOT of u know what. but i was in my senses, following Sandy who "claimed" that he was perfectly sober and was trying to walk straight across the park! During THAT party, Muddy and Andy had to be given some credit for finishing some things so quickly which we hadn't even started. let me tell u something, however sloshed Muddy is, show him a pack of Cards and just mention "Bluff", it will have a magical effect on him and he is back in full josh!! Andy was in a state of "Forget it!", he was slapping and pinching himself to check if he had any senses, Andy... me and Yogs sure had a tough time controlling u, sending u to sleep, right Yogs? well, coming back to the main discussion, as i told u, Karthik was nowhere to be seen that night. Where were u when Muddy needed u? ;-)

One popular scene from Kodai……..

Hero of the show:-Muddy
Written & Directed by:-Whichever brand of theertha he had(As that only controlled our hero)
Location:-Corner room, First floor, Balcony of the Resort in the Pristine locations of Kodai …

Prelude(as name indicates this happened before the actual scene):-
Muddy had theertha for the first time in his life in that famous water meet that took place in kodai, in which there were lot of first timers…(andy,ambar,mudyy,etc..) ….So after participating in that esteemed meet for a while, our pal just walks out and utters to the ppl standing out-“nodu maga yeshtu stable agidinantha….I am also walking straight da…..yenu yeshtu kudidru kicke barthilla”…then he gets back to the meet to consume little more theertha…..emerges out, much before others & manages to climb the stairs to his room on first floor….(thankfully on his own foot)

V are all laughing our heart’s out…

Scene:-after getting into his room opens the balcony door comes out and says-“yenro yalla nagutha iddira??”
Latches from outside and says-“yenu door open e agthilla”. some how understands he latched it and opens the latch and gets inside….
Comes out onto the balcony again

Maga yeshtu try madadru yenu effecte illa (this line is censored and ppl with good imagination can understand what he meant)---so idhe beer effecta??…….

More from trip to continue in next part……


Monday, September 27, 2004

Spiderman- 1(hindi mey)……..

“When the weak awake even the mighty are put under trial” –So was the case with our madam Mrs.CHR . All thro our micro controller lab we regularly made sure most of the experiments remain uncompleted. But it so happened that our resolve had to be broken as the exams were approaching and First lady of IT dept decides to announce her famous special lab for our batch. But the resolve was so strongly rooted in each of us(nidhi,myself,harish,ganesh,thirumal,muddy,suma,harini,amal ) that we decided to show one of our important fingers to the special lab and decided to sneak into SP-1.Full josh we enter the theatre located in the sanctified locations of KR market…..I said to ganesh-maga hope movie is in English man..ache yava language antha ne hakilla…..ganesh goes on to say-its probably English only da …don’t worry understanding my concern of watching Hollywood blockbuster in our desi language…But there it is Spiderman-1(hindi mey)…not only did we detest “Takath ke sath zimmedari ajathi he”,etc… but more worse things were to come…..

When v reached Mrs.IT’s next day’s class there she comes to me and makes her famous dialogue…..”u bunk special class…I will make you dance to my music..”yes ,for u folks who are not aware of what happened ,she did make us dance to her music by putting a big zero for that lab class..As such our scores in microcontrollers were sky rocketting and axing the marks for that particular class, infact added to the overall halo effect……!!!!….


Sunday, September 26, 2004

ME just Peeped in

guys lots of goodie goodie things happening......nice keep going on with the good work.
Hey i am alone feel bored man in Mlore. guys really i miss u all...
Puddu i am becaming senti like u now a days.....what do u say all?
Hey ambar what happened to my 4 page article which i had given it to when are u putting it on the blog...
But somehow now i am enganged in all kinds fo DC related Activities to keep my self occupied...
Okay look forwar to see u all in near future....either in Blore or most probalbly in MLore what say guys???????


Friday, September 24, 2004

Collection of kannada slangs - awesome

Hey guys thought i should post some kannada slangs. reference - old college yearbook vol:26

Dedicated to world peace. [ hope to get a atleast a Right Livelihood award for this. ;) ]

Chapter 1

1. Chindi : Too good - Eg :Chindi blog maga.

2.Blade : Got screwed

3.Kirik : Mess - Internalsnalli sakkath krik aaithu maga

4.Magane : Anybody (Male) who does not keep in touch

5.Mucchu : Close - It is a very potent word and should be used with caution. Normally used in conjunction with various body parts. Strictly to be used with friends and definitely not with members of opposite sex.

6.Madam : Any girl who becomes a friend thus putting an end to any mischief you want to commit!!!

7.Chitranna : Should be used with chindi. Means having a gala time

8.Bend eththu : Screw - Ex manenalli yellaru sakkath bend eththaidaramma

9.Jai aagu : Fully disappear

Lot more to come. Alli thanaka Jai :)

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Hey ppl,

just for curiosity sake, i went to google and searched for rvinst. Ours was the first in the list of some 27 records!! well, we've made our presence felt in Google!! :)

hey guys

good to see the first girl post.great going jyo.finally a forum where we get to listen to women speaking less.but that's not the way we intended this to be. so ladies get talking and ppl. abroad describe your experiences there bcos soon a new horde will be stepping into the famed land.guys abroad also plz. mail what each one of you is upto. apart from that guys plz. don't praise bangalore.the only thing saving this drab place is its climate and water. aprt from that trafiic oh my god and no movies. this palce is starting to suck.
that's it from my front. starting the countdown to my visa interview on the 28th of october.


Well, the blog is really doing good. Lots of posts..And the topics ranging from uppi's new reiki techniques to srikanth's best moments in college to karthik's emotionally woverflowing poems..wohh, we have seen it all..and me to add the icing!
The whole class seems to be generally doing well. Hopefully, life will be kind to all of us and we'll do good always. (I dint actually plan the post to dwell in this sombre mood, but hey, me still getting used to blogging!)
Meghana, u cant get away by posting a little teeny weeny line in some chotu box in some corner of the page. You should have definitely something to say. Cmon girls. We cant always have the guys posting all the crap in the world! ;O)
Please post and let Ambar heave a sigh of relief.
So gracias ppl and until next time, adieu!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Cool Banglore that it is!!!!!!

I could feel a kind of sensation in my stomach as the cool breeze of Bgl touched over me.It is a feeling that cannot be explained, but has to be felt. I am not very sure if the people who continue to reside in Bgl feel that way, but its an obvious feeling that Bgl residents who no more live in it feel……..!!!!!!!

Delhi has hep places to visit, CMM level 5+ girls to flirt around, great roads but I still don’t understand why it stands in no comparison to namma bangaluru.
Call it the IT capital, call it a jewel in India’s crown, call it as the treasure house of great poets like kuvempu, but Bgl stands above all this in each of our hearts………

now lemme just add my bit the uppi's craze thats taken up our blog......
With power comes responsibility, with uppi comes crap and more of it every time…
So one more of those great one from the movie for u all

Few people live to die,
few people die to live,
few people live to kill others,
few people kill others to live,…………..

and I am sure all people with common sense can guess what would have happened next....

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Omkara as I saw IT

I had decided to watch Omkara on Saturday itself, but there was a small problem. Nobody With a sane mind would have come to a Upendra movie on Ganesh Chaturthi. So with a bit of Fitting on Pudu we decided to go for a Uppi movie.
The Plate changed when Kanth apparently did the planning for the outing & decided to go for Some Book Festival. But good sense prevailed & We were finally off to an Uppi Movie.
Obviously the tickets were sold out in the morning itself & we decided to watch the white movie in Black.
The movie started with usual Uppi Stuff. A very Good Song on our Politicians with Lyrics like this
Oothala Oothala Votu Oothala |
Democracy Batthe Bicchi |
Road igge thandaralo ||

The Item Girl was Durga shetty Needless to say pudu & I were fascinated by her. The First half was really good. with loads & loads of dialogues.
Then came the usual Uppi Nonsense- Some Long Long Ago Fitting With a Supi. Come Copy from Tezaab- ie how to patasafy a female. Well that song had mine & pudu Hearts going that extra mile in you know what. Then starts some major Blade. Hiranhyakashyapa Scene, Mohamaad Of Ghazni ( Some 13th Century Idiot) That was my only comment on ghazni

Any ways the climax was good.The inference from the climax is smooch your Dove & she will become healthy- Infact this better than reiki.( Remmeber the battery Episode on the train to Kodaikanal.)

Anyways we come out from the movie Dazed. With only Uppi Dialogues in the mind. Like-
There are 4 types of people- One who write the blogs, One who read the blogs, On who read & write the blogs, & one who dont want to read the blogs

the hihglights of my 4 years at college

hi ,
i would like to share the highlights of my 4 years at college:
1.scoring an unbeatable 6 in graphics medal in DSP and workshop
3.coming 2nd in the inter departmental contest "queen of sheeba" during 3rd sem
4. winning 1st palce in the instrumentation quiz.
5.scoring 82 in micro controller lab even without output
6.the times spent at the TT table
7. electronics lab tuition night outs
8. HOD proclaiming our groups mini project as the best during the project viva
9. the kodai kanal trip
10.yogs outhouse party
11.vikas house party
12.posting answers for the 3rd internals optoelectronics paper on the group
others plz. do share what you think are your higlights in 4 years of college

Monday, September 20, 2004


Well, we didn't the "white" in the "black" ticket we bought :)!!

Anyways, a few more comments about the movie:

The bad guy in the movie is Rahul Dev,who is born in Pakistan, brought up in Mangalore and finally, finally dies in Mumbai. He first started the topic of Mohd. of Ghazni after which Muddy built his views. Now, he is a Mumbai don who also speaks a little bit of kannada. Someone has lent his voice to Dev for both Hindi and Kannada dialogues in proper textbook hindi!!
Egs.. Tu kaisa mard hai ? (Read it in a southi accent) Atleast, it not full textbook hindi, they've managed to only one Mumbaiya word 'Launde' and Rahul Dev's voice uses this word ever other nanosecond with panache!

The omkara has special powers, the holy books say. It is shown in full light in the movie, literally!! When uppi draws an Omkara on his chest with a knife, it emits so much light that the villains are blinded for a minute!! Something like that shampoo ad in which the guy get blinded for a while because of the girl's "shining" hair!

Rahul Dev locks the dying heroine in a car, and gobbles the key. Then he challenges uppi to rip his stomach and take the key out! I expected the same to happen. But uppi first jumped some 200 mtrs in the air ( u can guess the distance, the camera is shown from Uppi's side which shows Rahul Dev getting tinier and tinier) and then lands on Dev's stomach and Dev spits out the key!

Like Nidhi said, the songs were quite difficult to understand. There was one song in which we found out at the end of the song that they are singing in all possible languages like Bengali, French, Italian etc...

In the middle, there is another song which Muddy seemed very interested in for reasons u know why!

I enjoyed the comedy scenes among Sadhu Kokila as "Londonraj" and Bank Janardhan as the film producer!

Many more things can be said but need some more time to think. Plz post ur comments!

Omkar - Sab paisa ka duniya re


We should have known looking at the posters . It said ,

" Paisa baap bangaya re
paisa bhai bangaya re
Sab paisa ka duniya re
sab paisa ka duniya"
- Satya aliyas Upendra

Obviusly we bought the tickets in black and saw the movie.
Kinda strange movie. Not the typical uppi style i used to like .
anyways some entertainement. We even paid for 1 movie(IN BLACK) and saw 5 movie clips . Isn't that a bargain?

The movie had some bits of matrix like dodging the bullets :) , some shots from broken arrow , and typical figting scenes in slow motion.

Donno why they show fights in slow motion .
Few songs which were difficult to comprehend

rest of it was all uppi and uppi as we got to see some really funny monolouges

sample - "There are two types of ppl
those who see black and those who see white
Nobody sees the white in black and noone sees the black in white"
Surely we saw all other colors in black :)

Muddy really liked the dance "item gal" and also started speaking abt ghazni mohammed in the end... :)
best was the " kurup haaku" - new word.

means " blade aadsifying " on the natural seat given by nature ..

Omkar = few ideas from "A" , + Matrix +ideas from pudang's Soumya episode+ X+Y+Z movies


HHH, Where is the stuff abt PK u mentioned in the second part? By the way, let me introduce you to someone who was famous for his vast collection of PK and MSN bloopers. He named them 'The Best of the best!'. its none other than myself!! So...when we talk of Remote Sensing and Telemetry, let me talk abt some of his famous bloopers...

USSR: United States of Soviet Russia
Japani satellites are very famous
Height of the river valley
In ancient times, kings used 'kabootars' for communication. What is kabootar, parrot a?
In America, USA people...
Kaustav, don't talk with your neighbour in class. If u want to talk, talk through remote sensing satellites or something like that
Sinusoidal and Cosusoidal waves (Beat this!!!)

More to come soon!! MSN also featuring soon!!! :-)

Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Day I Toppped!!!

The Day September 21, 2000. Saturday Morning Get up very depressed since I was trying for a Branch change to Tronoics & i was sure I wouldnt Make it(Glad I didnt get it). Mr. Karthik (Some Respect to be given to my lucky charm Aka Pudu) Calls up at 7.00 AM in the morning & the Conversation is like this..
Mr.K:Hey Maga the results are out man.
Muddy the Maniac as Humper Puts it:WTF man Oh god when did it come.
Mr.K:Hey guess what? you have scored 859 man Congrats!
Mr.M:But how man?
Mr.K:Just write down your marks man Maths A Big 100 congrats man.
Mr.M: Whooopeeeeeeeee.
K tells the remaining marks & tells i have topped the 2nd Semester & finally hangs up.

The reason i have put this blog is It was the biggest Turning Point in my Academic Career. A person who had flunked in 7-9 Subjects consistently in 6,7,8 STD & scoring 1/25 in Mathematics It was quite a Turnaround.

Friday, September 17, 2004


A new rvinst blog!! And I get to post all kind of crap with absolutely no restrictions! Yipeee! What more could I ask for!
Send your SOS pleas, NOW, as I see no respite for your top floor machinery. :O)

Harish's Trek

Harish's Trek

the day andy called sukanya a b******

What i am about to narrate is the day which will go down in infamy for the victim and funm for all the witnesses as the day when the great "andy"bhagwan called sukanya a b******.
Time: around afternoon
venue: the corridors of the administrative block
semester :2nd
we had all just finished anita's electrical class and i guess sukanya had bought along her camera and few snaps were being taken in the corridor.then came the famous moment. sukanya asked for andy and sandeep to take a snap together and sukanya then took a long time to focus the camera.then came the famous mood swing of andy and he just called sukanya a b******.sukanya was shocked and off she went chasing andy down the was a fantastic scene.listed below are a few of andy's other famous antics: the 1st semester andy tore the exam form along the lines stating tear here and gave it to the person collecting the forms. the workshop when the instructor said the final dimensions should be 48x48 ndy filed the entire piece from 52x52 to 48x48.
this was really fun.
hail IT THE BATCH OF 1999
as a famou song goes i would modify it to say "those were the best years of my lifwe"
keep posting guys and keep it in touch

Blown Away Blue Book

Today, ladies and gentlemen, for your reading pleasure we present the (in)famous
story of the torn blue book.

(Primary Characters)
Anand Rao a.k.a.Andy
Ambar Hegde a.k.a HHH (The Narrator)
Amar Hegde a.k.a Shastry
One blue book, bought from RVCE Co-op stores, containing
Andy's DCWS first internal test answers.
Vijay S, S Vijay, Kanth and numerous others.

Scene 1: His eminence, Mr.PK has just distributed the DCWS blue books.
Andy, highly pi**** off with his marks, has had an unsuccesful argument with
PK over the quality of his answers. He is now striding towards his seat shaking with rage, blue book in hand

HHH: Andy, what happened?

Andy: That ignorant ******* doesnt know sh** and can't understand my answers.(Stream of curses)

Others: Ohh, chuck it man.

Andy: What the hell, I don't need this bloody blue book anymore. (Gets ready to tear it apart)

HHH and others: Andy, NO! You'll need it for the next test! Don't be a fool!

Andy (Visibly relaxing, uncertainty in his tone): Oh, I need it for next time?
(Lowers his arms and the blue book)

Others: Whew!

Andy (Sudden gleam of evil in his eye): F*** it! (Raises book, Rips it almost into two pieces breadthwise)

Others: HOLY F***!

(A semblance of sanity is restored to Andy's mind)

Andy: Ohmigod..WTF! I'm screwed!

(After a swift consultation, a plan of action is devised. The onus of execution falls on Shastry, after much coercion)

Scene 2: 3 bluebooks are placed in roll number order. Shastry, HHH and Andy's respectively.
Shastry visibly nervous walks upto PK and hands over the books.

PK: yen ri Amar, yany correctins or doubts?
Shastry: No sir, everything fine.
PK: ri Amar, why are there 3 books here?
Shastry(trembling): No sir, even they have no problems. You can skip theirs.
PK: (Grunts in acknowledgement)

Shastry turns and has almost got to his seat when PK discovers Andy's severed blue book.

PK: ANAND RAO! What is this? (Note: The sounds emanating resembled a primeval scream)

In a swift motion, PK throws the blue book out the door. Surprisingly its condition does not deteriorate.

Following this, Andy was forced to go and apologise in front of the HoD.(A certain Dr.Suri Babu, thankfully for Andy). Suffice to say that Andy and PK were never the best of friends after that.


Last night, I got a mail from Roopa with some of PK's choice quotes in them.

So, with some mirch-masala of my own, here goes!

Timeline->Around 4th or 5th Sem
Scene->PK's class

PK saying the usual bullshit. Class dying of boredom
PK (Turning around and spotting something disturbing): Ye, you two, why are you talking I say?
(Said two people being Muddy the Maniac and Kanth)
Muddy and Kanth (Frozen by the surprise factor): No, sir, we weren't talking..
PK (Cutting them mid sentence): See, why can't you wait till the class gets over I say? Afterwards you can do anything you want, you can go anywhere and be totally alone!
And who ever said PK wasn't capable of subtle humour? :D

Thursday, September 16, 2004

This is goood!!!!!

ok, so much is said and done on our kanth's affliation to instru. actually it is amazing how much focussed he is towards it. well i m one who has been constantly discouraging from this line. Really good topic. I was actually discusssing on this in office.

Instru truly is not a branch. its is merely a collection of subjects which overlap with every other subject. And trust me half the bunch of guyz who actually have mastered on control aspects and process control aspects of instrumentation are chemical engineers with a master in process control application. Instrumentation without process knowledge is waste of our engineering abilities.

anyays let me not bug u on this. the get-together we had was just another standard one. v guyz in our form and talking of absolute crap which would make no sense at all to any one other than our gang... so anyways wishing this forum the best of luck.

Ambaaar u finally did do a good thing. i doubted if u could produce anything other than the text file of rt's and ur homsexual acts in public. truly a nice idea....... the link ambarthejovian... watever, is too good man.

Poles apart.....

In his last post, Thick said...

In this reputed college there is a great dept to which average students,left hanging with an option between good dept in moderate colleges and moderate department in good colleges end up…If you can really find a guy saying”I wanteddddd to get to this dept” , its just like Bush saying there are no WMD in Iraq…

I refute that claim! :-)

There was (and still is) only one person in the class, who could truthfully say "I wanted to get into this department"! For the first couple of years, he was known as "Missile-Man" then shortened to "Missile". Yes, none other than Kanth a.k.a Srikanth Kapali. At times when most of us were worrying about how the instrumentation syllabus matched up to the much vaunted ECE syllabus, Kanth stayed true and loyal to the branch. A prime example was when sometime in the final year, we had to go through the entire elective selection process. Kanth was the only one lobbying for Pneumatic Instrumentation, while the rest of the class was split into Distributed Computing and Biomed Sig Processing.

The irony was there in the open. The class as a whole, with the exception of Kanth, and to some extent maniac Muddy did not identify with instrumentation engineering. Most of us are in software jobs now. But the limit of hypocrisy and opportunism in this regard is probably me. Forever talking about my love for hardware and signal processing, I openly scorned the idea of getting into a S/W company. Alas, how the mighty have fallen! I study in an institute which offers enough scope for H/W and signal processing. Yet, I have defected to the other side, theoretical computer science.

Kanth's loyalty to the branch is surprising to me. He has not strayed once from the instrumenation path after passing out. And he's now going for his M.S, majoring in control systems.

(More to come soon)

A Page from our life at RV:- Karthik

It was another one of those colourful days beginning with young girls clad in blue jeans, T-shirts, V-shirts, and vat else, walking their way down to the so called class rooms ….. It is hard to find guys just walking their way down to the classrooms ,as their eyes are constantly distracted by beauty…..

In this reputed college there is a great dept to which average students,left hanging with an option between good dept in moderate colleges and moderate department in good colleges end up…If you can really find a guy saying”I wanteddddd to get to this dept” , its just like Bush saying there are no WMD in Iraq…

Next set of characters in this play, is the extremely intellectual faculty that every dept boasts of……but one factor I found common in all my lecturers is obvious dumbness---whether it be I try, I fail or Skylab is falling, there was no hiding and it just showed….

So this is how the play generally goes on:-
(MSN’s class)
M: vat I do in last class aa??
M: this class is becoming very bad aa ?? no doing assignments…I don’t do assignment I don’t attend internals,then I don’t get marks aa??
M:let m start DIP..ha……,divya yenri madtha idde last class alli
D:Fourier transform
M:c vat is FT ,yes u anand rao,always talking in class a??
A:--(tries to tell something)
M:-no that is not correct,Fourier Transform transforms signal using fourier transform…..
Sandy:-excuse me sir,can I come in..
M:-vat time u come to class?? Y late
Sandy:-bus late sir..
M:-ok ,com ein

Amongst all this scrap there are lot of useful things happening in class…just few of them are—playing bingo(one of the best games),reading barons, completing practical records,staring at prof face with blank expression….….etc…..

(Guys continue the episode……)Bring it in whatever flavours u want!!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

the getgether as i viewed it

The idea of getting2gether originated after my long overdue phone con with ambar and the initial date (sunday) and time (1:30) were fixed. however the time got changed after taking into consideration influencing factors like the home going time and when the famous 4 visit happened to college it was advanced to 11:30 much to the dislike of chikku for whom this is the twilight hours of any sunday morning.
finally the day dawned upon us and initially the only ones to arrive as per Indian standard time wer ambar,vikas and myself. Slowly but surely the others arrived as per their respective area time zones with deepak arriving as per Indiranagar Standard Time. also the last minute usual cancellation phone calls came on time and reasons were unknown.
the initial flocking at Barista got changed as the long standing in the sun was taking its toll on our complexions and the venue was shifted to Corner House and a few harried phone calls were made. the major surprise was that chikku for the first time in his life(as i see it) did not know the existence of a food joint. so myself ,ambar,vikas , sachin, muddy and nidhi moved on to the new rendezvous point where we were joined by quad and hsi new we got down to ordering our ice creams and having them when we were joined by yakka,kesthur and me ambar's behaviour in public still hasn't changed a bit. i guess the guy fell into a glucose puddle or something when he was young a.k.a indian obelix except for the size factor.
at corner house two new stories originated namely chikkus gujju love life and hsi secret about neeti a.k.a yakka's l;ove life and no amount of coercion was enought to get the story out. as of now ambar still sports a " " on his chin which he likenms to the one sported by James Heidfeild. for the uninitated that is te lead singer of metallica.kesthur hasn't changed bit and neither have any of the others except for shaggy who is now sporting a "sign of prosperity" around his middle.
after corner house we were deprieved of muddy,nidhi and quad after the photo session. The remaining moved on to the Indiranagar boys favourite haunt "earthen oven". had a good lunch and then after losing chikku and neeti we 4 moved ontio styx ,had a few vodkas and finally left for home with the desire in our hearts of meeting soon again.
it was a really wonderful sunday well spelnt and many memories rekindled and new ones added.
that's it from my side.

famous 1 visit!!!

Hey all,

Well, after that great visit on Sat, i have been tormenting our profs for the past 2 days for recos. Well, it seems the D.O.G aka H.O.D just hasn't changed, has become worse rather.. My misfortune, i managed to bump into him in Princi's chamber of all the goddamned places in college..Luckily, he didn't start howling then and there and asked about my job. I told him and also about my intentions of doing my masters. Now that i told him, thought i'll take his reco also (how foolish can someone be?). Well, i went inside his room through those stupid doors which i always manage to get hit from behind...He asked me to sit down and then the howling began.. He asked me my CV, my project synopsis etc... ( why the hell do we need a CV for a reco letter from a prof in ur own college???) I did'nt have any of those (luckily), he told me to come the next day morning bu not before warning that he will take some time and won't give soon. I told OK. The next day, as in today, I decided to play hide and Seek with the *$#&ing HOD, finished all the work without him seeing me, said B***s to him and came out of college... In the meanwhile, Balloon (SV) told he also needs to write GRE and TOEFL and apply for a P.Hd in the US. Good for him if he escapes from the H.O.D. MSN is seen flashing his gold watch everywhere (his marriage dowry) just like that guy in that Samsung TV ad. CHR is still the same old 50 gms. Nothin much has changed in college except that it has become a bird sanctaury like Kanth said. Awesome man... even in IT Dept..And the companies visiting campus..Boy! A huge list of some 20-25 companies for 1 month!! Our Dept. had become a counselling centre for CET, Mr.PK was one of the counsellers. Mr. S.M.Gay has quit college but still his name is seen in the staffroom and in Timetables... i guess the guys are missing him ;-). SV wants an alumni association of IT people. He is very much interested to do this but says he needs funds for that. He plans to call all batches from VTU, call the students and orgaanize talks from us about the industry. Good idea, actually. Lets hope something materializes. By the way, i met AP at RNSIT. Has'nt changed much, recognized me, said there is someone in that college who looks just like me and asked if he is my brother!! When i gave her a reco form for filling, she just put the signature and told me to fill details myself. And to think of the HOD who told he'll write it confidentially, seal it and, if required, post it to the university himself. He would have drowned my chances just like that if his mood was the best (i.e bad among bad, worse and worst). Well, my hands are aching, will write more next time. Feel free to give ur comments. Arguments supporting HOD are not allowed ( who will post it anyway???). Take care.

Adios Ah-me-goes


Monday, September 13, 2004

the famous 4 visit college(BY SRIKANTH)

after a tiring week it was time to execute the planned mission
mission objective: surprise attack on the department profs and enthuse some momentary enthusiasm into their ever harrowed lifes and make them go high so as to get in some good recos.
objective two: infiltrate and occupy the table tennis room
phase1: a few early morning wakeup calls to the battered battle force and mission time is set at 10:30
phase two: myself and nidhi reported on time with shaggy being left to wakeup and bring in muddy a.k.a strong lodde to report for duty
phase 3: me and nidhi do an initial survey and also some babe watching. forget rangantithu tourists there is a new bird sanctuary called R.V.C.E. Trust me guyz R.V has more babes doing engineering
phase 4: shaggy and muddy arrive and the un announced attack on the lecturers begins
first me and muddy visit Mrs. PIC a.k.a CHR and she is soon lured in by our tech talk and finally convinces me to arrange for a seminar on labView.
next stop the room of the gentle giant S.V . we had to spoil his siesta and trust me if any1 needs age reducing therapy it's S.V the guys looks like he has been through a car wash. the age just shows with one of the contributing factors being the H.O.D who screwed me A.K.A A.V.M or more poularly now known by all as Maamoo.SV also briefed us on the tortures awaiting the next student batch .here are a few: mini project
2.8th sem no seminar 4 subjects and a project
after a few chats with SV off to the star attraction and famous hangout if chucked out/bunmking the cafe coffee day. we gulp down a few coffees and off to our ancestral property the TT room in IT terminlogy the oval office of the hite house the white house being instru departmetn and the legacy still goes on for all guyz there are from IT dept.played a few games and felt good to hold the bat.
next stop our pitstop at the canteen and then off we went.
thus ended our visit to the alma matter whch is now slowly becoming full of matter.

Live life without fear

”One day, a small opening appeared in a cocoon; a man sat and watched for the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole

Then, it seems to stop making any progress.

It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could and it could not go any further.

So the man decided to help the butterfly: he took a pair of scissors and opened the cocoon.
The butterfly then emerged easily.

But it had a withered body, it was tiny and shriveled wings.

The man continued to watch because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would open, enlarge and expand, to be able to support the butterfly’s body, and become firm.

Neither happened!
In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a withered body and shriveled wings. It never was able to fly.

What the man, in his kindness and his goodwill did not understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening, were God’s way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings, so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.

Sometimes, struggles are exactly what we need in our life.

If God allowed us to go through our life without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as we could have been. Never been able to fly.

I asked for Strength...
and God gave me difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for Wisdom...
and God gave me problems to solve.

I asked for prosperity...
and God gave me a brain and brawn to work.

I asked for Courage…..
and God gave me obstacles to overcome.

I asked for Love...
and God gave me troubled people to help.

I asked for Favors...
And God gave me Opportunities.

“I received nothing I wanted...
But I received everything I needed."

Live life without fear, confront all obstacles and know that you can overcome them.


The get together

10 of us met on Sunday,13th September near MG Road.
Kanth, Chikku, Vikas, Vijay(4X), Nidhi, Muddy, Neeti, Sachin, Kesthur and Ambar.

Let me give a not-so-brief description of what happened. (All of this from my view point, u can write in urs too!)

Phase 1:
Venue--- Barista on MG Road. 11.30 AM
Shaggy, Muddy, Kanth, Nidhi,Sachin and I turn up. Kesthur calls up and reports that he has arrived at Vijayanagar :D . Couldn't stop laughing. Got to see some photos of shaggy's hyderabad trip etc...
We were there for 30 mins. Given the considerable sunshine, all of us decided to leave the place to avoid damaging our delicate complexions.

Phase 2:
Venue--- Corner House, Residency Road :D 12:15 PM
Vijay, Kesthur, Neeti and Chikku join the party. Icecream is being devoured hungrily all around. Surprisingly, Chikku has only a milk shake! Neeti refuses to shed any light on chikku's burning love life. :(
Muddy and Nidhi leave after this.

Phase 3:
Venue--- Earthern Oven, 1:30 PM
Lunch...had a good time. Neeti finally reveals the stunning secret of chikku's love life and his frequent trips to Gujarat ;-)
Chikku, Neeti, Vijay and Kesthur exit after lunch. Kanth, Sachin, Shaggy and I are left.

Phase 4:
Venue--- Styx. 3:15 PM
Nothing much to say here. Had a few drinks, enjoyed the great music. Party Finis.

Felt really good to meet everybody again!

In the beginning.......

I got the first post! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!