Saturday, March 05, 2005

viewing few last posted blog's

Hey guys just see this......some one played spoil sport with me......i was just going through the earlier posted messages and then just glanced through my writings on what i found...

Anonymous said...
hey harry the report is too much i am also enthusiasted and planning for a trek, and please publish the photo's fast i want to have the look and feel with the pics.

i dont know who's this!!!!........
any guesses.....that too anonymous...:):)

Me after a long time

Well folks, after that inspiring mail from Nidhi well i thought about it the whole night :) and i came to the conclusion that aleast i should contribute something that to after a long time....that at around 4clk in the morning.. :(

So it been almost 3-4 months i believe since we all met in the g2r and later meeting Nidhi on 26th Dec...(trek) and 2 weeks back meeting our Puddu in Mlore.... (on some Wed evening).... So with the amount of mails pouring in i feel either the people are busy or i am busy without checking mails.....some damn conclusion right...
Well somehow i managed to stay back in Mlore this week i myself dont know how my legs managed to stay over here..... because y iam saying this from past Dec i am travelling hell around every where.......every damn place i think...
well what about others.... even though i am bit having a tuff time over here in office with the delivery of my scope and my project going to change i just wont waste my saturdays and sundays........atleast on or the trek i have been going to....however today i had to come to office.... poor harish .... console myself....:-)...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Important message to all teetotallers...


The scientific evidence is conclusive: Beer in moderation is good for you, while even one glass of milk supports animal abuse and harms your health," says PETA's Director of Vegan Outreach Bruce Friedrich. "You can drink beer responsibly, but the same can't be said of milk."

United States Department of Agriculture Nutritional Data for Milk and Beer

MILK (I cup, 2% milk)

BEER (I cup)

Fat (g)



Fiber (g)



Sodium (mg)



Cholesterol (mg)






Calories from fat (%)



I think he forgot to mention about the fertilizers and pesticides present in milk