Thursday, May 31, 2007

random mumblings heard in class....

wanted to build a story using all these, but lost steam after a while, so scrapped it..but remember hearing these somewhere?
  • USSR - United States of Soviet Russia
  • USA and Russia are now separe and not called USSR anymore.
  • Japani satellites
  • NASA - National American Space Agency
  • PCB was my bread and jam.
  • If u use that small torch(LASER), only small spot will be focused on small spot.
  • Staying hostel a?
  • Laser can be used to weld cutted vessels.
  • Modeling for toothpaste ad a?
  • In the last class, we’ll see that…
  • You are in serious discussion abt national security matters a?
  • Sine wave varies sinusoidally. how the cos wave will cosine? sinusiodally or cosusoidally?
  • If u start singing antakshari, other publics will scold u.
  • Joining together is called a sandwich.
  • He got Nobel award.
  • Who invented wave theory?
  • Sitting according 2 vaastu a?
  • Earlier message transfer was by birds. In kings’method, they used kabutar.
  • If u give a analog like this…
  • What *name removed*, only half-rising a?
  • What happened? Any snakes?cockroach a? then what r u laughing 4?

howzzat? wanna hear again?

Do u think I am a tape-recorder a to repeat? ;)

If you still dont get what I heck I am talking abt..forget it!
If you understood and have more of this stuff, please mail it to the groups! We've lost it! :(


Shankar said...

good one :) .. lots of changes on the blog ! looks nice now :-)

srikanth kapali said...

it's awesome stuff man

srikanth kapali said...

i try building circuit i fail a

Shankar said...

i dont htink thats complete kanth .. it was " i try .. i fail .. circuit wrong ! "

Vikas.Y.V said...

well, both of u r wrong if u r referring to MSN..he said " i try..i fail..i not succeed in experiment!!"